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Pierce Deveraux is suave and devilishly handsome with a tongue trained in the delicate nature of pulling pleasure from willing women as they surrendered secrets under his delightful charm.

Devastating secrets which provided him with an upper hand in the chess game of bribery and extortion.

When Deveraux sets his sights upon his next prey, Victoria Grayson, he finds himself in a unique situation; one where his actions are challenged by his own desires against the need to protect a gentle soul trapped in a cruel and loveless marriage.

He dangles the forbidden fruit of being a saviour, not a destroyer, but his well-practiced game changes under her spell and he’ll need to reconcile his own truths and decide on where his loyalties lie; within himself or within the vulnerable siren forcing him to face that part of him which has always remained hidden.

'The Edge of Ecstasy' is the debut novel from brand-new author, Mitchell Summers.